Tech Talk: SDN with Network White Boxes from FlowForwarding.Org

For this event we will be hosting Shivaram Mysore, Community Director, FlowForwarding.Org


FlowForwarding.Org, a community dedicated to provide open source implementations of standards related to Open Network Foundation such as OpenFlow that can run on commoditized Network White boxes.  All implementations are released under commercial friendly Apache 2 license.

To-date, FlowForwarding provides implementations from Switch (LINC) to Control Plane (Loom) and Applications (Tapestry).  This talk focuses on:

• What is FlowForwarding?
• LINC Switch and how to use and deploy (Mininet, hardware)
• Use Cases – Demos

Please drop us an email ( or on comment section if you have specific questions that need answers.

About Shivaram Mysore

Shivaram is a serial entrepreneur and has over 15 years of experience in design and development of technology products. He has contributed significantly to over 25 revenue-generating products. His expertise ranges from strong authentication, XML, Web Services, and networking to security. He has contributed significantly to various security-related standards at W3C, ANSI, and ISO and in networking-related standards at Open Networking Foundation. He is an inventor or co-inventor in six patents. Previously, he worked at Sun Microsystems and Microsoft. Shivaram holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Bangalore University and a Masters in Computer Science from Oklahoma City University. Shivaram currently serves as the technical strategist at Infoblox.

When Nov 20th 2013

Where HackerDojo, Mountain View, CA


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