Tech Talk OpenContrail: Open source network coding for OpenStack & CloudStack


OpenContrail is an open source, standards-based project for an SDN controller that delivers network virtualization and enables the migration of applications and IT resources to more flexible private or hybrid cloud environments.

About Ankur Singla

Ankur Singla, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Platforms, Software Solutions Division, Juniper Networks, will give an overview of the OpenContrail internal architecture, and extend the discussion to OpenStack/CloudStack integration. In addition to main network virtualization use cases, Ankur will cover OpenContrail discrete features and unique value , and show you how you can contribute to the open community.

In this Tech Talk, Ankur will talk about:

OpenContrail Architecture
The goal of open sourcing the OpenContrail code
Why people would use it?
Use Cases
How to develop on it?

When Jan 20th 2014

Where Juniper HQ, Building 3, 1st Floor, Pacific Room, 1194 N. Mathilda Ave., Sunnyvale, CA