Tech Talk by Harry Quackenboss: All Clouds Are Ultimately Made of Metal

For this event we will be hosting Harry Quackenboss

About Harry Quackenboss

Harry is an executive working in the cloud and networking areas. He was a co-founder and CEO of Woven Systems, who pioneered large-capacity 10GEthernet fabrics for data centers. He was also CEO of BrightLink Networks, which built an electro-optical switching system for carriers which supported 256 10G/sec connections in year 2000.

Earlier in his career he was a VP with Crescendo, which was Cisco’s first acquisition and the source of Cisco’s first Ethernet Switching products. Before that he was a VP with Sequent, which built large Unix servers for relational databases and Honeywell, where he was marketing director for Multics, a large time sharing system based on a vision of utility computing, and which was the inspiration for the Unix.

The first startup where Harry worked was founded by John DeLorean where he was Chief Engineer.

Harry has a B.S. in Mathematics/Communications Sciences from the University of Michigan and pursued graduate level coursework in Operations Research.


In this Tech Talk, Harry will address two questions:

What are the differences between LANs and the WANs that
impact network virtualization?

Why should Virtual Networkers care about the

When Apr 23rd 2014

Where Symantec Building E, 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA


Slides: All Clouds Are Made of Metal BANV April 2432014 For Distribution

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