Tech Talk by Florin Balus (Co-Founder Nuage): Application Services Framework

For this event, we will be hosting Florin Balus who is the co-founder of Nuage Networks


Virtualization and Cloud Platforms are two main technology trends that have made tremendous progress in providing compute automation. Applications and compute services can be instantiated within minutes with a press of a button from a catalog of services similar to the online consumer shopping experience. The assumption here is that the network infrastructure already exists and provides a stable platform to build these services on. However, bringing automation to the networking arena has been slow. Nuage Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) brings that same level of automation to networking as orchestration has to compute and application virtual machines. In this session, Florin Balus (Founder and Head of Product at Nuage) will discuss how it is becoming more important to provide such a framework for the application developer with emphasis on hiding networking constructs from the end user. The presentation will include a demonstration of Nuage VSP that shows how easy it is to create a services template that includes services and compute in combination with any orchestration system

About Florin Balus

With 20 years of experience in network protocols, Florin Balus brings significant expertise to his role at Nuage Networks – running the specification and implementation of our cloud networking solution. Prior to joining the Nuage Networks team, Florin spent 6 years as a product manager in Alcatel-Lucent’s IP division where he contributed to the success of the 7750 Service Router (SR) product line. Before that, he worked as a product manager and consulting engineer for Nortel Networks and in network engineering for France Telecom. Florin holds a number of patents and is also active in IETF where he has authored several IETF RFCs, drafts on VPNs/BGP, Datacenter Network Virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN). He holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master in Artificial Intelligence from the University Politechnica of Bucharest, Romania.

When Aug 26th 2014

Where Symantec Building E, 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA


MidoNet with OpenStack

For this event, we will be hosting Adam Johnson & Cynthia Thomas from Midokura.

MidoNet Overview

MidoNet is a software-based, highly distributed, network virtualization system from Midokura that allows enterprises and service providers to build, run, and manage virtual networks with increased control and flexibility. Using industry standards and leveraging existing physical infrastructure, MidoNet reduces costs and improves stability, scalability and performance of networks.

About Adam Johnson

Based out of San Francisco, Adam Johnson is a founding member at Midokura. He has built and manages the Global Technical Services organization, and started the US office for Midokura. Prior to joining Midokura, Adam was founder and COO of Genkii, doing strategic consulting and development for social media and virtual worlds, with a focus on open source solutions. Adam has been advising and working with a number of startups over the last 8 years. In addition to his experience with early stage startups, Adam has also worked extensively
in Fortune 250, Healthcare and Education.

About Cynthia Thomas

Cynthia is a member of the Systems Engineering team at Midokura and excited about the future of networking! She enjoys highlighting the emerging technologies in network virtualization as the needs of customers evolve. Her background in networking hardware spans from Telco, Data Center, and Campus/Enterprise solutions during her days at Alcatel-Lucent and Brocade. Cynthia completed her B.Sc. (Eng) and M.Sc. (Eng.) in Mathematics & Computer Engineering from Queen’s University in Canada.

Session Details

1. Overview of MidoNet

2. Architectural details of MidoNet

3. Deployment details of MidoNet with OpenStack

4. Typical Use Cases

When July 24th 2014

Where Symantec Building E, 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA


OpenContrail Hands-on Session

This hands on workshop for OpenContrail will be led by Sreelakshmi Sarva & Aniket Daptari.

About Sreelakshmi Sarva

Sree is currently working as part of solution engineering team at Juniper’s Contrail team. She is responsible for delivering & managing SDN solutions & partnerships relating to Contrail. She has been with Juniper for the last 13 years working on various Routing, Switching, Network programmability & virtualization platforms. Prior to Juniper, She worked at Nortel networks in the Systems Engineering group. Sree received her Masters in Computer Science from University of Texas at Dallas and Bachelor’s in Computer Science from India.

About Aniket Daptari

Aniket is currently working as part of Juniper Networks’ Contrail Cloud Solutions team. He is responsible for delivering SDN solutions and technology partnerships related to Contrail. He has been with Juniper for the last 3 years working on various Network programmability & virtualization platforms. Prior to Juniper, he worked at Cisco Systems in the Internet Systems Business Unit (Catalyst 6500). Aniket received his Masters in Computer Science from University of Southern California and a graduate certificate in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

Course Abstract

This session will be the first of a series of OpenContrail hands-on tutorials for developers who want to get deep into OpenContrail code.
This “Basic OpenContrail Programming” Hands-on Session will focus on making developers proficient in writing and contributing code for our OpenContrail Project.

Session will cover the following areas

1) Contrail Overview

· Use Cases

· Architecture recap

2) Contrail Hands on

· Demo + Hands on – Configuration , VN, VM, Network Policies etc

· DevStack introduction

When May 28th & June 25th 2014

Where Symantec Building E, 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA


Tech Talk by Rob Sherwood: SDN and Bare Metal Switches

For this event we will be hosting Rob Sherwood, CTO, Big Switch

About Rob Sherwood

Rob serves as the CTO for Big Switch Networks, where he spends his time internally leading software architecture and externally evangelizing SDN to customers and partners. Rob is an active contributor to open source projects such as Switch Light and Floodlight as well as the Open Compute Project. He was the former Chair of the ONF’s Architecture & Framework Working Group as well as vice-chair of the ONF’s Testing & Interoperability Working Group. Rob prototyped the first OpenFlow-based network hypervisor, the “FlowVisor”, allowing production and experimental traffic to safely co-exist on the same physical network and is involved in various standards efforts and partner and customer engagements. Rob holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.


Rob’s Tech Talk will focus on the benefits of combing SDN with bare metal Ethernet switches. He will also touch on various open source projects (Open Network Linux, Project Floodlight, etc.) and will discuss how these projects fit together, their various evolutionary paths, and how this stack fits in the landscape of emerging commercial and open source SDN products.

When May 19th 2014

Where Symantec Building E, 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA