John Casey: High Performance OpenStack Networks & Raphael Rosa: RouteFlow & IXPs

For this event, we will be hosting John Casey who is the co-founder and CTO of CPLANE NETWORKS

Also joining us for this event is Raphael Vincent Rosa from RouteFlow who will talk about use of SDN routers in Internet eXchange Points (IXPs).


Talk 1

CPLANE NETWORKS: High Performance OpenStack Networks

OpenStack is HOT! No doubt about it. A recent survey by The New Stack and The Linux Foundation shows OpenStack as the most popular open source project ahead of other hot projects like Docker and KVM. OpenStack is now taking its rightful place as the open source cloud solution for enterprises and service providers.

To date OpenStack networking has not yet achieved the performance, scalability and reliability that many large enterprises demand. CPLANE NETWORKS solves that problem by delivering secure multi-tenant virtual networking that overcomes the limitations of the standard Neutron networking service. By making all networking services local to the compute node and achieving near line-rate throughput, CPLANE NETWORKS Dynamic Virtual Networks (DVN) delivers mega-scale networking for the most demanding application environments.

In this session John Casey will cover the basics of DVN and explain how CPLANE NETWORKS achieves “at scale” network performance within and across data centers.

About John Casey

John Casey has over 20 years of deep technology leadership. His proven success with a variety of technical leadership roles in Telecom, Enterprise and Government and in software design and development provide the foundation for the system architecture and engineering team.

Previously John led worldwide deployment teams for both IBM’s Software Group and Narus, Inc. His work in large scale, high performance system design at Transarc Labs and Walker Interactive Systems brings leadership to the CPLANE NETWORKS product suite.

Talk 2

RouteFlow & IXPs

This talk will discuss the architecture of RouteFlow which is a leading OpenFlow based virtual router. It will focus on the new projects based upon RouteFlow which are finding traction in Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) – Cardigan being one of the most popular one. Some common aspects of IXPS will be shown. The talk will conclude with a list of future projects and vision of SDN routing.

About Raphael Vincent Rosa

Raphael is a Communications Network Engineer. He finished his MS in Computer Science working with intra datacenter routing, contributing to open source SDN projects such as Ryu network controller and RouteFlow platform. Currently he is pursuing PhD research under the guidance of Dr. Christian Esteve Rothenburg with main interests in SDN and Distributed-NFV topics.

When Oct 30th 2014

Where Symantec Building E, 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA


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