Tech Talk by Tom Tofigh: NFV: Key Driver for Domain 2.0 initiative

For this event we will be hosting Tom Tofigh who will delve into Domain 2.0 concepts and architecture.


NFV and SDN are new ways of thinking about networks and services deployment.  Networks are becoming both the computer and the adaptive cross-layer network architecture that provide programmable NFV building blocks for service abstraction. The network is fundamentally responsible for processing massive amount of flows that extend beyond layers 1-3.

Tom will start his talk on AT&T Domain 2.0 objectives and how it will benefit the end users.  He will then elaborate on Domain 2.0 architecture concepts and needs from service providers perspectives.  Tom will conclude his talk with a few NFV application examples such as Big Data, M2M, Traffic Shifting and service-chaining models.

About Tom Tofigh

Tom Tofigh is currently a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the AT&T’s Domain 2.0 architecture and planning Labs at AT&T.  He has extensive experience that spans across many disciplines including emerging mobility networks, switches, enhanced protocols, cross layer design, smart devices and chips design.  Tom has been responsible for the planning and implementation of large-scale telecommunications equipment.  Some of the products Tom has introduced include innovative solutions for the mobile devices, switches, platforms and QoS mechanisms. Tom holds over 25 patents awarded and many more pending. Tom has taught computer and networking courses at George Washington University.

When Nov 20th 2014

Where Symantec Building E, 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA


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