Testbed for Tech Tutorial: Let’s build MPLS router using SDN

On Dec 4th, we will be holding Tech Tutorial: Let’s build MPLS router using SDN at Bay Area Network Virtualization

Part of this work has come out from a project we did for one of clients. This post will describe the necessary configuration changes required to have the test bed running on laptops.

email info@nvirters.org if you need any help with the setup.


For our tutorial we will be using VirtualBox version 4.3.20. Our virtual machines will be based of Ubuntu 12.04 minimal iso & Ubuntu 14.04 minimal iso (for mininet vm). There are three main steps to configurations:

  1. VirtualBox networking setup
  2. X Display setup
  3. Importing the virtual machines

Before the workshop please ensure that you have completed (1) & (2)

1. VirtualBox networking setup

We will need to create host based ethernet adapter to allow nvirters-vm & nvirters-rf virtual machines to talk to each other over a private network. Go to File -> Preferences -> Network -> Add Host Only Adapter.
Also set the following values in the dialog box:
Adapter IPv4 Address:
IPv4 Network Mask:
DHCP Server
Check mark Enable Server
Server Address:
Server Mask:
Lower Address Range:
Upper Address Range:

2. X setup

We will be installing minimal OS software and will need to use xterm to get access to multiple terminal and graphics if and when required (yes, we should be able to run wireshark on the vms!)

Install Xming X Server if your host machine is windows based
Install XQuartz if your host machine is mac based

Inside the vms after login run the following:

export DISPLAY=

xterm &

After this, you should be able to see xterm windows in your host machine.

3. Virtual machines of interest


Bare minimum mininet virtual machine. This contains mininet and Open vSwitch software. You can download it from here


Bare minimum RouteFlow virtual machine. This VM contains python, ryu as SDN controller, lxc, Quagga, RouteFlow. You can download it from here

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